Madiba for Africa…

I was born free – like a tree,

And lived the childhood with so glee.

But it was when I was brought to the knee,

I couldn’t believe what I did see – I wasn’t free…!


It was then I was judged by skin.

It was when this humanity made a sin.

It was then we fought so long.

It was when they rand this apartheid song – It was wrong…!


Inspite of being the prisoners in Robben Islands,

We neither quit our fight – nor did we raise our hands.

After years and years, our vision has come to light,

When this nation had both Black and White – With equal right


And now it’s time to change this forever.

So that this apartheism can be heard for never…

So this is my story – I am Madiba.

Let’s strive for our glory – together for Africa…!