Today’s Oppression…

              Today, all of us do, by our presence here . . . confer glory and hope to new-born liberty. Out of the experience of an extraordinary human disaster that lasted too long, must be born a society of which all humanity will be proud.

             We have, at last, achieved our political emancipation. We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender, and other discrimination.

             Never, never, and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another. . . . The sun shall never set on so glorious human achievement. Let freedom reign. God bless Africa! ”

Extracted from Nelson Mandela’s auto biography – Long walk to freedom.

These words are spoken by Nelson Mandela himself on May 10 – 1994, when he officially addressed the people of his country as the first black president of the South Africa. His speech reflects the subjugation that his people went through in the past few decades. And after years and years of struggle with strong sprits – they finally got their freedom.

On this Mandela week, let us once again go through the words form his historical speech.

Never again shall it be that this ‘beautiful land’ will again experience the oppression of one by another. . .

And here, I am regarding the word ‘beautiful land’ to my country – India.

Are we free form all kinds of oppression that the people might face…?

No. And this oppression doesn’t depend on the colour of the skin. Rather it depends on price-tag of the clothes that we wear on it…

The Poor were always considered as the burden for the country’s development. Things never got improved for them as they would have wanted. With the prices of the basic commodities sky-rocketing, it has become highly difficult for them to lead at least a normal life. And to worsen their present condition, education for their children has become very challenging…

With private schools mushrooming with “high-profile fee structure” and on the other hand with government schools losing their standards to meet the educational demands, the situation of the deprived is unimaginable.

We all agree that education is the only thing that can bring them respect – socially and financially. And if we are taking away this opportunity form them, then isn’t it a serious oppression they are facing today…?

May be the time has arisen to speak on this subject on a greater platform. I always wondered why the government schools can’t even function with basic facilities, whereas the government universities like IIT’s and other regional universities outshine the private ones…

Is it because the government think that schooling is not-that-important or they think it’s not worth investing…?

Schooling is the most lovable thing in our childhood and the most defining thing in our life. It’s not necessary that every one of us should find his living based on his educational qualification but that can’t rule out the importance of value education.

The government should look at the gravity of this situation and should make sure that irrespective of the price-tag, all the children will be having an ideal Launchpad to take off for their careers…

The decade “ 2005 – 2014 ” is known as United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Let us atleast respect that and take some measures for our sustainable “development”…


The sun shall never set on so glorious human achievement. Let freedom reign…



C.I.A – Children In Action

Oh boy., little boy,

You are so lucky.

Till your life becomes

Very much tricky…!


You are the representative for the nation’s glory,

You are the hero of your own story…

You can do as you like whatever you want,

Whatever your heart says, but we really can’t…

These things for you may be really small,

But at our age, you will not get them at all…

Because you are the only one who can do it well,

While our lives are cutting out in front of DELL…!


Oh boy., little boy,

You are so lucky.

Till your life becomes

Very much tricky…!

C.I.A - Children In Action...!
C.I.A – Children In Action…!