I love you forever, and I am coming back…!

“I need to fix this before I go.”

You have to talk to me. So, don’t tell me no.

I need to exist – I can’t be their ghost,

I have to go, because I love you the most.

You have a strong heart – Don’t let it crack,

I love you forever, and I am coming back…!


No time or space can separate us,

But you know gravity and what it does.

Out there, time is gonna run more slow,

But I’ll do all I can to keep my vow.

This is not a goodbye – don’t see this in that track,

I love you forever, and I am coming back…!


I know what you mean – but I just can’t S.T.A.Y,

Because ‘they’ did choose me – This is the only way.

I may be travelling miles away – thousand or lakh,

But that will not stop me from seeing you back.

Because it is your love that I am going to pack.

I love you forever, and I am coming back…!


I love you forever, and I am coming back…!
I love you forever, and I am coming back…!

Madiba for Africa…

I was born free – like a tree,

And lived the childhood with so glee.

But it was when I was brought to the knee,

I couldn’t believe what I did see – I wasn’t free…!


It was then I was judged by skin.

It was when this humanity made a sin.

It was then we fought so long.

It was when they rand this apartheid song – It was wrong…!


Inspite of being the prisoners in Robben Islands,

We neither quit our fight – nor did we raise our hands.

After years and years, our vision has come to light,

When this nation had both Black and White – With equal right


And now it’s time to change this forever.

So that this apartheism can be heard for never…

So this is my story – I am Madiba.

Let’s strive for our glory – together for Africa…!



Not-so-Despicable Me…!

I am not Mr.Despicable,
There is so much inside me.
I am not always contemptible,
There is so much beneath to see…

It’s not just stealing the moon,
Or having a super-gadget car.
It’s all gonna end very soon.
I had enough of this so far…

Being a villain is such a bore.
Now I better try something new…
I am actually tired of being sour,
So it’s time to be Mr.Daddy Gru

Now I am gonna look after my girls,
Cheer them when they dance and play.
Joining them with my fellow Minions,
Now that’s what I call a day…!

I am Not-so-Despicable...!
I am Not-so-Despicable…!

C.I.A – Children In Action

Oh boy., little boy,

You are so lucky.

Till your life becomes

Very much tricky…!


You are the representative for the nation’s glory,

You are the hero of your own story…

You can do as you like whatever you want,

Whatever your heart says, but we really can’t…

These things for you may be really small,

But at our age, you will not get them at all…

Because you are the only one who can do it well,

While our lives are cutting out in front of DELL…!


Oh boy., little boy,

You are so lucky.

Till your life becomes

Very much tricky…!

C.I.A - Children In Action...!
C.I.A – Children In Action…!

Cricketing god – We miss you a lot…!

Here comes Sachin – for one final day,

His career has been a legend – all the way…

Now that we have come to watch his play,

“All the best master “, that’s all we say…


Here comes Sachin – taking the crease,

and opens his account with lot-of-ease…

Cut or cover-drive – you name a task,

and watch the beauty of his ‘elegant class’…


Here leaves sachin – with a gentle smile,

Entertaining the cricketing fans for quite a while…

Now that his talent is quite-a-boon,

Let’s see him as a ‘coach’ – very soon…!


Yes – I am a birthday cake…!

Every year I come home,

Along with balloons and foam.

Tonight, I am gonna serve my life.,

A special guy would pierce me with a knife..

Yes – I am a birthday cake,

And I take that knife for his sake…


His face was glowing in the dim candle light,

That’s the most beautiful sight,all that night..

Now,he blew the candles and made a wish.,

And finally I gave him a farewell kiss…

Yes – I am a birthday cake,

And that’s the best moment since my bake…


And now, I wait for the next year.,

For my growing dear.,

Yes – I am a birthday cake…



My Holiday Song …!


Once I am done,

Once I am free;

Its going to be,

Just me and me…


No more following some scary rules,

No more reading all day like fools.

No more uniform, no more sitting calm,

No more thinking of just school and school…


Now I am done,

Now I am free;

Its going to be,

Just me and me…


Now that its my holidays

I’ll enjoy it in as many ways

So much to watch, so much to play.

That’s what I need to do – all the day…





One fine morning I saw a beautiful girl

Her eyes were just like a blazing pearl…

Then I made a deep dive in the ocean of love

I just wanted to talk to her somehow…

By the time I got my shoe

My girl just made a move…

I searched for her for an hour

And told myself that she belongs to me forever…

Fortunately I found her in the Facebook

Now what I need is just a new look…

Yeah…she became my friend

I just hoped her to stay till the end…

I was totally lost in the dreams of her

And didn’t even look at a single girl near…

Finally, one day I saw her in the books store

And without hesitation I asked,

“How about a dinner in the sea shore! “

She was just smiling

Which made me annoying…?

So, with a brave heart I proposed “I LOVE YOU”

And then she replied to my first question,