I love you forever, and I am coming back…!

“I need to fix this before I go.”

You have to talk to me. So, don’t tell me no.

I need to exist – I can’t be their ghost,

I have to go, because I love you the most.

You have a strong heart – Don’t let it crack,

I love you forever, and I am coming back…!


No time or space can separate us,

But you know gravity and what it does.

Out there, time is gonna run more slow,

But I’ll do all I can to keep my vow.

This is not a goodbye – don’t see this in that track,

I love you forever, and I am coming back…!


I know what you mean – but I just can’t S.T.A.Y,

Because ‘they’ did choose me – This is the only way.

I may be travelling miles away – thousand or lakh,

But that will not stop me from seeing you back.

Because it is your love that I am going to pack.

I love you forever, and I am coming back…!


I love you forever, and I am coming back…!
I love you forever, and I am coming back…!

NASA deemed to make ‘Interstellar’ sci-fi into reality with the Cryosleep…


“We must reach far beyond than our own lifespans…”

This is the principal theory of the much awaited Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi movie, ‘Interstellar’, which anticipates to find a way for our existence in deep space… Interestingly, it seems that NASA has taken this concept of ‘reaching far beyond’ a bit more literally, as for the first time an endorsed statement came from the officials that NASA is planning for a Manned ‘Mission to Mars’ via Cryosleep

During this year’s ‘International Astronomical Congress’, which took place from Sept 29th to Oct 3rd in Toronto, NASA teamed up with ‘Spaceworks’, an Atlanta based aerospace company, that is investigating procedures for putting space crews into hibernation. But this doesn’t mean that the entire crew will be snoozing in their capsules, when the whole world are keeping their trust on them as atleast one crew member will be awake at a time for two to three days before going back into stasis for 14 days.

Cryosleep, which can also be referred as ‘Cryostasis’ is a process by which the person is brought into sleep and thus slowing the life processes by exogenous or endogenous means… This technology is different from that of the Cryopreservation, which can only be legally performed on humans after they have been pronounced dead.

Therapeutic torpors will be used to reduce the body metabolism and temperatures, which naturally happens during hypothermia. During the mission, the torpor would be induced via a ‘Rhinochill’ – a device that uses invasive tubes to shoot cooling liquid up the nose and into the base of the brain.

The upcoming Sci-Fi movie, Interstellar greatly reflects this concept of Cryosleep, where the crew is made to hibernate in cryo capsules, which keep them alive for the journey to the other end of the space and thus to save the humanity from extinction… Cryosleep is not such a new concept for the movie enthusiasts as many major films counting Avatar, Aliens and 2001: A Space Odyssey have already depicted it.

Though the Mission to Mars comprises around ‘180 days of Space travel’ and carries no direct comparison with the ‘Interstellar travelling’, visionaries say that Cryostasis is not just the solution for keeping the cosmonauts alive for longer periods, but it may also reduce the total expenses of the cruise as there will be a drastic reduction in the size of the spaceships, there won’t be need for food, oxygen and other equipment to keep the crew occupied throughout the voyage as most of the time they will be in deep stasis…

Now how do you think ‘Captain America’ survived years together without having his daily diet…?

Avatar cryosleep #NASA

Not-so-Despicable Me…!

I am not Mr.Despicable,
There is so much inside me.
I am not always contemptible,
There is so much beneath to see…

It’s not just stealing the moon,
Or having a super-gadget car.
It’s all gonna end very soon.
I had enough of this so far…

Being a villain is such a bore.
Now I better try something new…
I am actually tired of being sour,
So it’s time to be Mr.Daddy Gru

Now I am gonna look after my girls,
Cheer them when they dance and play.
Joining them with my fellow Minions,
Now that’s what I call a day…!

I am Not-so-Despicable...!
I am Not-so-Despicable…!

Let’s dream with the Mega Mind…

“Some say Life is not a race to be won – But it’s a glory to be achieved.” Well, in either the case, there need to be a specific target in our mind so that we could focus all our attention on that single thing.

But what if it is achieved ? What if the race has been won? What next…?

Well, Flynn Rider once said, “ Go look after an another dream…” Fortunately our human dreams are endless. But the point is which dream is worth achieving ? which dream is worth running ?

Believe me, when I was watching the animated movie “MegaMind”, all these things zoomed across my grey matter…

In the movie, when MegaMind defeated his arch-rival  superhero, he was left with no other work to do… He felt really bored and its then he made all the stupid mistakes, which had some serious impacts as the movie progresses.

So whose mistake was it then…?

Was it the mistake of MegaMind to feel bored ?

Was it the mistake of the Superhero to lose that easily ?

Or was it the mistake of me for naming it as a mistake ?

Even according to the Science, a Human brain can go fuzzy if we don’t have any specific idea on what we actually want to think. Hence, what we choose to think matters a lot…

So, do we need to maintain a list on what we should choose to think after we lived this dream ? I guess we should  – and I call it a “ Mega Dream List “ It’s more like a ‘refill to a pen’ – If one gets out of the ink, we need to replace with another one and start writing…

So let’s take a ‘strategic timeout’ in our life race and start thinking about our next dream…

Let’s use our MegaMind…

Mega Dream List…?

If the Earth dies …

“If the Earth dies – you die.

             If you die – the Earth survives…”

Every day – we ’The Humans’ think that we are contributing for something great on this planet. We think that the Earth must be fortunate enough to carry us…But after reading the earlier dialogue, we realise that we are nothing more than some complex organisms, who first searched for food, clothing and shelter during the early evolution process and later utilised every possible resource of this Earth – for his own personal needs and greed…

The starting dialogue of this article is from the 2008 American Science fiction film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. It follows ‘Klaatu’ [An alien messenger in human form], who comes here as a result of humankind’s environmental damage to the Earth, to change our human behaviour or to eradicate us from the Earth…

So – do we deserve a second chance?

Well…I don’t believe that some alien Klaatu will to ‘America’ to remind us that we are out of time…And hence there is no question of a second chance here.

Then who will tap us when we are sleeping in a room full of poisonous fumes..? Our nature will. And it will act as the messenger as well as the Executioner…And unlike the Klaatu, it isn’t going to speak clearly in English, “You are running out of time…” It does leave clues, but we need to be patient enough to think about them.

2013 is termed as one of the hottest year ever! Isn’t it a straight forward clue that our atmosphere is no longer in a position to withstand such a large quantities of Greenhouse gases…

So let’s start to think before it is too late… And first, let’s create awareness among the people about the disintegration of the Natural environment and its harmful effects on plants, animals and also the Humans…

Everyone make mistakes. It’s in the Human nature… It’s also in the nature of humans to learn from their mistakes… and if we don’t – then what’s the point in living? What’s the point in a second chance? And above all, what’s the point of our evolution…?

Do we deserve the second chance...?
Do we deserve the second chance…?




Inter Galactic Champions League…!

 It has been a warm and vibrant week here in India as the Champions League T20 is all set for some crucial knockouts. It’s great to watch the champions taking on each other… And talking of champions, why can’t we run a fantasy league where Extra Terrestrials takes on Humans… Surely, this International Space Week [ Oct 4 – 10 ] would provide a great platform for this “ Inter Galactic Champions League “

The format of the game, is a six-per-side ‘Hong Kong Sixes’, which would be perfect for this IGCL. However we need to expand the ground dimensions to at least 6 times the present… And what about the umpire ? I think ‘Ben-10’ would be exceptional for this job as he can interact with both humans and aliens – with ease…

And now., lets invite the guests, the warriors of the space, the champions of the stars – “ The Alien All-stars “ starring,

  • Superman   –  Skipper, monstrous batsman, pace bowler and an exceptional fielder… [ What else do you expect from this captain..? ]
  • Thor  –   He can send the balls out of the space with his hammer. [ Unless IGCL allows him to use his hammer as a bat…]
  • Avatar Navi   –   A pace bowler and a decent batsman.[ I guess he can aim the balls to the stumps just like the arrows…]
  • Thark   –   An Exceptional wicket keeper [ well, his 4 hands were ‘handy’ I guess…]
  • Optimus Prime   –   With his huge size, I guess his presence in the field may stop a few sixes…
  • Silver Surfer   –   The most mysterious and the silent player of the team. [ No dialogues and only action…]

This Alien All-stars takes on our own heroes from the Earth – “Human Heroes”

Lets witness the El-Galactico...
Lets witness the El-Galactico…

Alien All-Stars                                                Human Heroes

Superman [ c ]                                                   Captain America [ c ]

Thor                                                                       Spiderman

Avatar Navi                                                         Hulk [wk ]

Thark [ wk ]                                                        Ironman

Optimus Prime                                                  Wolverine

Silver Surfer                                                       Batman

It’s great to imagine such ‘Super-Battles’ in our fantasies, where both the teams are good and noble and which creates a room for some healthy competition [ Unlike the usual Good Vs Bad ] It creates a better platform for all the life forms of this universe to enjoy this “ El-Glactico “

And when it comes to game, I am ready to keep my bucks on Alien All-Stars…What about you…

Fantasy teachers making a genuine impact…!

                           There is a peculiar bond between student – teacher relationship and it is not just sharing letter T on either side of the bond.Its much more than that…Students and teachers play a collective role in the development of the country.And on this teacher’s day,I would like to remember and thank each and every teacher,who had a great impact on me…I also remember those special gifts that we gave to our teachers on this Sept-5th.Well.,enough of the history and lets get into action…Lets celebrate this teachers day wit some fantasy teachers who made such a genuine impact on the silver screen…

1)  Professor Charles Xavier :-

  ” In this school you will not only learn how to control your powers – but you will thought how to use them for the betterment of the mankind…”

Being a telepath gives you a fair victory over any other mutant – you can read,control,manipulate the thoughts and thus can be literally invincible [well…he actually cheated death too…]And with such supreme powers,you should be some sort of a dictator of this planet,Earth,other planets,milky-way……[unless,our basic telepathy principles works with aliens…] Well.,you never know…professor-X choosed to be a Teacher.His unbiased love towards mutants as well, as humans sets him apart…

T-Day gift :-    On this teacher’s day we give him…well.,he is kind of  Mr.Perfect,he has every thing.But we know what he really likes – a student… and on this T-day we give him HULK…Please train him some...patience…

2)  Severes Snape  :-

Slughorn   –    “I was just talking about Harry’s exceptional skills in potion making! Some credit must go to you,of course,you taught him for five years!”

             Snape        –     “Funny,I never had the impression that i managed to teach Potter any thing at all…”

A genuine slytherin,an exceptional wizard,a true lover,a brave double agent,a true friend and know for his solid patience he has [he actually waited all 5 years for his favorite job…],Severes Snape was the best All-Rounder in the Harry Potter league.

Although many considered him to be a biased teacher[He was actually fine with slytherins…]Snape is a character who would be remembered as a teacher,no matter how harsh he was with Harry,Neville,Ron,Hermione,Ginny,……….everyone except slytherins

T-Day gift  :–   And on this teacher’s day we give him a pair of extra magnifying glasses so that he could recognize the eye color of Harry…a bit early…

3)  Master Shifu :-

Master Shifu  –     It means you have  attained inner peace…at such a young age…

                       Po          –     Its because i have such a great master like you…

A lot has to be considered before you join someone like Po in your khung fu academy,especially if he is soft and squishy and knows nothing but to eat food [well.,according to Jachie Chan.,there is khung fu in every where – how we move ,hoe we eat – he’s got a point…]But master shifu just considered one thing – to teach the Dragon warrior…He overcame all his odds [both physical and emotional ] and made him the leader of The Furious five.He is the best mentor you could ever dream of…

T-Day gift –  And on this teacher’s day we give him a book, ” Three steps to inner peace at a very young age – Go fat.,Go round..,Be flexible and voila…”

Inner peace...
Inner peace…