Digitalization of Friendship…!


“ An individual can have anything that a life can offer – career, family and money – but if a person didn’t have a good friend, his or her life would be fundamentally lacking…”

– Aristotle

Friendship is one of the purest relations on this Earth and its origin states back to the beginning of the human civilization or even earlier…Friendship allows us to see ourselves from the perspective of others. They open up new interests and deepen the current ones. Human beings are social beings and hence good friendship always makes our life a wholesome and awesome experience…

Things change rapidly with respect to time… And it is that constant evolution of the world around us that keeps our life interesting and exciting… But there are certain things that shouldn’t be disturbed or rather changed. Sometimes, we run with such a speed that we tend to forget our actual destination – if there is one such thing present…

On this friendship day, I just want to question myself – Are we ready for this digitalisation of friendship? Does this lightning speed communication actually help us to gain more friends? Do the next generation feel themselves more connected or more alone…?

Well, according to many researchers, Social media is affecting the teen’s concept of friendship. Young people feel themselves socially supported by having a large network of online friends, whom they may never see… The ease of electronic communication may be making teens less interested in face-to-face communication with their friends. Instead many young people now derive personal support and affirmation form the ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ to their postings…

But this doesn’t mean that we should all stop social networking…Digital communication is not a bad thing. But if we are losing the opportunity to meet with our friends and talk with them face-to-face; Now that’s a problem…

Too much of anything is not good and this applies for the communication as well. So I think it would be wise to atleast take a break from our Cyber-World and spend some time in our bookstore, where you can buy your favourite book to your friend…Now that’s a positive example you can give to the next generation on this friendship day.

digitalization of friendship
Digitalization of Friendship…!






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