Lets stop fooling ourselves…!

Things seems a bit odd when we constantly tell our brain that nothing is believable and no one can be trusted. Things seems a bit odd when we examine someone just like Sherlock Homes to know whether the other person is saying true or not… Well, things seems a bit odd when I say, “ I saw an alien “ – or in this case I am just fooling you…

Well… a lot of things happen on ‘The Fool’s Day’ – April the first and talking about fools, one thing clearly hits my mind. It is that we – The Humans are all fools to not live in the “fool’s paradise”…

In this quantum generation, we are all surrounded by numerous problems, well beyond the number of stars in our galaxy that we almost forget to enjoy our ‘One-and-only-one’ life in this Blue Planet…

Human development is going at a rapid pace but one thing that we are leaving behind that is quite essential for our sustainable development is ‘Peace of mind’… We are actually fooling ourselves in terms of progress and development, which is a like running around to touch the sky with our fingers…

So on this fool’s day, “ Let us stop fooling ourselves ” and let’s try to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine – the beautiful nature and more essentially the unpredicted life of a human being…





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