One fine morning I saw a beautiful girl

Her eyes were just like a blazing pearl…

Then I made a deep dive in the ocean of love

I just wanted to talk to her somehow…

By the time I got my shoe

My girl just made a move…

I searched for her for an hour

And told myself that she belongs to me forever…

Fortunately I found her in the Facebook

Now what I need is just a new look…

Yeah…she became my friend

I just hoped her to stay till the end…

I was totally lost in the dreams of her

And didn’t even look at a single girl near…

Finally, one day I saw her in the books store

And without hesitation I asked,

“How about a dinner in the sea shore! “

She was just smiling

Which made me annoying…?

So, with a brave heart I proposed “I LOVE YOU”

And then she replied to my first question,




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