Forest – For Rest …?

Millions of years ago, there was an event named “ Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse ”, where sharp climatic changes destroyed tropical rainforests, causing the extinction of many plant and animal species… Since then, there was a gradual decrease in the worldwide greenery…

The decline in the forest affected the climatic conditions and those climatic conditions declined the forests even further…

It’s hard to believe that a single event could change the course of the history. And one thing which comes along with the history is – It cannot be changed…

Change – Change in the human behaviour – change in the course of the nature or in this case ‘ gradual increase in the forest cover ‘… On this World Forestry Day – 21st March, let’s celebrate this change and make it as an example for the coming generations…

Earlier it was thought that the decline in the forest area is unstoppable and inevitable; forget about the increment, many organisations fought just to stop the unnecessary destruction… Forest area, which contains about 90% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, was soon assumed to be taking rest – forever…

Forest – for rest …?

Everything went gloomy and downhearted not until the dragon country – China determined for the “ Green wall of China “  project. And now, its forest cover which was 12% some two decades ago grown to 16.55%… And each present growth in the forest area can remove billions of tons of carbon each year, emitted into the atmosphere. Now that’s what called the best example you could set for the future generations…

Forest – for the best…!

            So let’s cheer for all those who created history and let’s start working together so that the possible extinction could be prevented.

Let’s do it for our ‘Mother’ Nature…

Forest – For the Best…!



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