Let’s dream with the Mega Mind…

“Some say Life is not a race to be won – But it’s a glory to be achieved.” Well, in either the case, there need to be a specific target in our mind so that we could focus all our attention on that single thing.

But what if it is achieved ? What if the race has been won? What next…?

Well, Flynn Rider once said, “ Go look after an another dream…” Fortunately our human dreams are endless. But the point is which dream is worth achieving ? which dream is worth running ?

Believe me, when I was watching the animated movie “MegaMind”, all these things zoomed across my grey matter…

In the movie, when MegaMind defeated his arch-rival  superhero, he was left with no other work to do… He felt really bored and its then he made all the stupid mistakes, which had some serious impacts as the movie progresses.

So whose mistake was it then…?

Was it the mistake of MegaMind to feel bored ?

Was it the mistake of the Superhero to lose that easily ?

Or was it the mistake of me for naming it as a mistake ?

Even according to the Science, a Human brain can go fuzzy if we don’t have any specific idea on what we actually want to think. Hence, what we choose to think matters a lot…

So, do we need to maintain a list on what we should choose to think after we lived this dream ? I guess we should  – and I call it a “ Mega Dream List “ It’s more like a ‘refill to a pen’ – If one gets out of the ink, we need to replace with another one and start writing…

So let’s take a ‘strategic timeout’ in our life race and start thinking about our next dream…

Let’s use our MegaMind…

Mega Dream List…?

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