If the Earth dies …

“If the Earth dies – you die.

             If you die – the Earth survives…”

Every day – we ’The Humans’ think that we are contributing for something great on this planet. We think that the Earth must be fortunate enough to carry us…But after reading the earlier dialogue, we realise that we are nothing more than some complex organisms, who first searched for food, clothing and shelter during the early evolution process and later utilised every possible resource of this Earth – for his own personal needs and greed…

The starting dialogue of this article is from the 2008 American Science fiction film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. It follows ‘Klaatu’ [An alien messenger in human form], who comes here as a result of humankind’s environmental damage to the Earth, to change our human behaviour or to eradicate us from the Earth…

So – do we deserve a second chance?

Well…I don’t believe that some alien Klaatu will to ‘America’ to remind us that we are out of time…And hence there is no question of a second chance here.

Then who will tap us when we are sleeping in a room full of poisonous fumes..? Our nature will. And it will act as the messenger as well as the Executioner…And unlike the Klaatu, it isn’t going to speak clearly in English, “You are running out of time…” It does leave clues, but we need to be patient enough to think about them.

2013 is termed as one of the hottest year ever! Isn’t it a straight forward clue that our atmosphere is no longer in a position to withstand such a large quantities of Greenhouse gases…

So let’s start to think before it is too late… And first, let’s create awareness among the people about the disintegration of the Natural environment and its harmful effects on plants, animals and also the Humans…

Everyone make mistakes. It’s in the Human nature… It’s also in the nature of humans to learn from their mistakes… and if we don’t – then what’s the point in living? What’s the point in a second chance? And above all, what’s the point of our evolution…?

Do we deserve the second chance...?
Do we deserve the second chance…?





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