Inter Galactic Champions League…!

 It has been a warm and vibrant week here in India as the Champions League T20 is all set for some crucial knockouts. It’s great to watch the champions taking on each other… And talking of champions, why can’t we run a fantasy league where Extra Terrestrials takes on Humans… Surely, this International Space Week [ Oct 4 – 10 ] would provide a great platform for this “ Inter Galactic Champions League “

The format of the game, is a six-per-side ‘Hong Kong Sixes’, which would be perfect for this IGCL. However we need to expand the ground dimensions to at least 6 times the present… And what about the umpire ? I think ‘Ben-10’ would be exceptional for this job as he can interact with both humans and aliens – with ease…

And now., lets invite the guests, the warriors of the space, the champions of the stars – “ The Alien All-stars “ starring,

  • Superman   –  Skipper, monstrous batsman, pace bowler and an exceptional fielder… [ What else do you expect from this captain..? ]
  • Thor  –   He can send the balls out of the space with his hammer. [ Unless IGCL allows him to use his hammer as a bat…]
  • Avatar Navi   –   A pace bowler and a decent batsman.[ I guess he can aim the balls to the stumps just like the arrows…]
  • Thark   –   An Exceptional wicket keeper [ well, his 4 hands were ‘handy’ I guess…]
  • Optimus Prime   –   With his huge size, I guess his presence in the field may stop a few sixes…
  • Silver Surfer   –   The most mysterious and the silent player of the team. [ No dialogues and only action…]

This Alien All-stars takes on our own heroes from the Earth – “Human Heroes”

Lets witness the El-Galactico...
Lets witness the El-Galactico…

Alien All-Stars                                                Human Heroes

Superman [ c ]                                                   Captain America [ c ]

Thor                                                                       Spiderman

Avatar Navi                                                         Hulk [wk ]

Thark [ wk ]                                                        Ironman

Optimus Prime                                                  Wolverine

Silver Surfer                                                       Batman

It’s great to imagine such ‘Super-Battles’ in our fantasies, where both the teams are good and noble and which creates a room for some healthy competition [ Unlike the usual Good Vs Bad ] It creates a better platform for all the life forms of this universe to enjoy this “ El-Glactico “

And when it comes to game, I am ready to keep my bucks on Alien All-Stars…What about you…


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