The future of ‘T’ – Time traveling,Tachyons and T-800s…!

Tourism had always been vibe with lot of emotions, thanks to the most dominant species on this Earth that our travelling isn’t just some migrating from the climatic adversities. It is actually much more than that…And now, lets cheer for every tourist around the world,on this ‘World Tourism Day’ on Sept 27th and which brings to me next question., What is tourism without travelling and then, what’s the future of travelling..? Surely we have our footprints on air, water and land [ I am also including moon here…] But what about the most mysterious ocean of which we discussed only in the fantasies…The mysterious ocean of time…

Well, its not literally an ocean, or our Captain Jack Sparrow would steer his Black Pearl through it…And unless you are some terminator T-800 or some mysterious X-men who can control the Tachyons, present in the hypothetical world, there is no easy means to sail through this ocean…

But that doesn’t mean that there is no other way to travel the time. The most simple one is to wait for another 30-40 years… [ hmm… why should we wait for something, which should actually stop our waiting..? ] well, it is really complex, but believe me, the renowned scientist Stephen Hawking actually proposed few ways to travel through time and as now, we have everything to make It possible. Everything expect Technology…But don’t get disappointed, as I am going to propose two such ways to travel in time – and if you ask about technology, you take care of it yourself…

Merry ‘Go Round’  :-

Love those bright stars and other heavenly bodies in the sky ? Then you can actually travel time by sitting in a Space Shuttle, and all you need to do is to revolve round a huge Black Hole, without actually falling into it. [ even light can’t escape through it, but you need to…] And if at all you are some survivor like Wolverine…then who knows, you may actually witness 2040 Olympics with just few years in space…!

The Future Express  :-

So – scared of those Black Holes and Space Shuttles, but still want to travel the time…? Well, there is actually an another way in which you don’t have to leave this Earth., where all you need to do is to travel around this globe… Sounds interesting ? Then let me tell you that, this ‘Future Express’ will travel near to the speed of light. And that means that travel about 7 times round the Earth in just 1 sec ! Now – did it sound interesting…?

So – Are there any other means to sail through this ocean, without any sophisticated technology..?

Well, there are actually many from ages. But we never gave a thought about them…You can actually travel ‘past’ by reading a great ‘Historical book’ and you can actually ‘teleport’ yourself into an another world by reading some ‘Fantasy’…And, as for the future – it better be ‘Wrapped’…it adds beauty to our lives, just as what a ‘Gift-Wrapper’ does to a birthday gift…

A little hope – a little anxiety – a little uncertainty, well…these are the little things that differentiate us from T-800s…

only to add your worries...
only to add your worries…



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