Fantasy teachers making a genuine impact…!

                           There is a peculiar bond between student – teacher relationship and it is not just sharing letter T on either side of the bond.Its much more than that…Students and teachers play a collective role in the development of the country.And on this teacher’s day,I would like to remember and thank each and every teacher,who had a great impact on me…I also remember those special gifts that we gave to our teachers on this Sept-5th.Well.,enough of the history and lets get into action…Lets celebrate this teachers day wit some fantasy teachers who made such a genuine impact on the silver screen…

1)  Professor Charles Xavier :-

  ” In this school you will not only learn how to control your powers – but you will thought how to use them for the betterment of the mankind…”

Being a telepath gives you a fair victory over any other mutant – you can read,control,manipulate the thoughts and thus can be literally invincible [well…he actually cheated death too…]And with such supreme powers,you should be some sort of a dictator of this planet,Earth,other planets,milky-way……[unless,our basic telepathy principles works with aliens…] Well.,you never know…professor-X choosed to be a Teacher.His unbiased love towards mutants as well, as humans sets him apart…

T-Day gift :-    On this teacher’s day we give him…well.,he is kind of  Mr.Perfect,he has every thing.But we know what he really likes – a student… and on this T-day we give him HULK…Please train him some...patience…

2)  Severes Snape  :-

Slughorn   –    “I was just talking about Harry’s exceptional skills in potion making! Some credit must go to you,of course,you taught him for five years!”

             Snape        –     “Funny,I never had the impression that i managed to teach Potter any thing at all…”

A genuine slytherin,an exceptional wizard,a true lover,a brave double agent,a true friend and know for his solid patience he has [he actually waited all 5 years for his favorite job…],Severes Snape was the best All-Rounder in the Harry Potter league.

Although many considered him to be a biased teacher[He was actually fine with slytherins…]Snape is a character who would be remembered as a teacher,no matter how harsh he was with Harry,Neville,Ron,Hermione,Ginny,……….everyone except slytherins

T-Day gift  :–   And on this teacher’s day we give him a pair of extra magnifying glasses so that he could recognize the eye color of Harry…a bit early…

3)  Master Shifu :-

Master Shifu  –     It means you have  attained inner peace…at such a young age…

                       Po          –     Its because i have such a great master like you…

A lot has to be considered before you join someone like Po in your khung fu academy,especially if he is soft and squishy and knows nothing but to eat food [well.,according to Jachie Chan.,there is khung fu in every where – how we move ,hoe we eat – he’s got a point…]But master shifu just considered one thing – to teach the Dragon warrior…He overcame all his odds [both physical and emotional ] and made him the leader of The Furious five.He is the best mentor you could ever dream of…

T-Day gift –  And on this teacher’s day we give him a book, ” Three steps to inner peace at a very young age – Go fat.,Go round..,Be flexible and voila…”

Inner peace...
Inner peace…

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