Flavors of a dream…

This is my third and final installment regarding animation movies and their true meaning behind them…The movie I am about to discuss is called ‘Ratatouille ‘(rat.a.too.ee) – an old French dish.It is also coming from Pixar animation studios,the very creators of WALL-E and Up!,my previous topics…

Ratatouille is far different from the rest,as it mainly concentrates on a rat named Remy,who dreams of becoming a chef and tries to achieve his goal with the help of a human friend,who works in a famous restaurant of Paris…Pretty much fantasy and far away from the reality.,this old recipe carries a bunch of genuine flavors of the present world…

The rat becoming a chef,which is the main theme of the movie may not be that relative for us.But there is still some thing very familiar…It is about a person choosing an unorthodox and ‘out-of-the-box’ career,which is still unique and risky – as many of us think…As it is said in the end of this movie that ‘the newer ones are always gone through the usual criticism and discrimination.,while the one who criticize them sits in a comfort zone.’ Unfortunately,this brand new phenomenon is not just limited to rats while it is quite familiar to many among us…It is the freedom of expression that matters here the most.

I am a chef..!
I am a chef..!


‘It is very difficult to gain someone’s trust.,but it hardly takes few bad seconds to break it…’Remy forming an alliance with Linguini is a simple example of trust where both of them harmonize each other…Linguini provides an opportunity for Remy to live his goal of becoming a chef and Remy in-turn helps Linguini to work with a chef-identity.

But things turned against them when both of them lost their trust against each other…What Remy did is something which cannot be accepted – you may love a single rat but you don’t fancy a cluster of them in your topography,that too if it is your kitchen…But I seriously believe in second chances and so did Linguini.Sometimes,mistakes happen with our beloved and we need to provide them an opportunity to come out of it…

Finally,let us discuss about chef Auguste Gusteau’s famous motto – ‘Anyone can cook.’ Can we really do the things that we are meager..? something we didn’t quite know about..? I hope we can,if we believe so…

Not everyone is a great artist.,but there is a great artist in everyone…


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