The power of promise…

This week I am going to write about another animation movie that I watched quite recently – Up!  It came from the Disney Pixar animation studios,the very creators of WALL-E,my last topic.But fortunately,this time around,I have nothing to complain about the humankind..Instead I am proud of the human,who can show such ‘pure love’ on others,which give him the power to achieve almost such impossible tasks…This movie taught me some valuable real life lessons – one such lesson is ‘The power of promise…’.

          Cross your Heart…these three small and simple words have a great meaning in them.When we cross our heart that we are to do something;we try our level best to fulfill it.And if we don’t accomplish,it makes us to feel guilty.

Sometimes,things become such helpless that we actually cant reach our goal.We desperately accept the defeat and move on…In this movie also,Mr. Carl Fredricksen,an elderly widower,was in no position to go South America and complete the promise made to his lifelong love…But 78-year-old Carl didn’t give up. He flew to Paradise falls by tying thousands of balloons to his home !

Now,when things aren’t going in our way,then we should find a new way,a unique-think out of the box way.Mr.Carl Fredicksen found it in the movie.He made something nearly impossible to something really unique…

Now,when we are talking about promises;what if we have to choose between two of our words.what if “Crossing the hearts reaches a crossroads..?”.we obviously need to make a choice-A choice that can actually take us away from the other.

In this movie also Carl reached a crossroad when he could save either his house or a bird.He then choose to save his house,which resulted in the kidnap of the bird.I actually thought him to be ‘selfish’ at that instant.But he just followed his heart…He saw the situation with his heart rather with his brain.He was so attached to his home that he neither cared his life nor other’s.And when he fulfilled his wife’s dream,he recognized the seriousness of the issue.Some times it is hard to come out of the past…But we need to realize that the present is the only thing we have in our hand.We should never loose it.

Carl then kept his past behind and went to save the bird. He choose to be the best of himself.And when he reached the crossroads again,he gave away his home to save the rest.He then regarded it as just a house…!

Memories are always special…But still,they are not valuable than life.Life is the most beautiful thing on this Earth.We should enjoy every moment of it,like an adventure.And when we accomplished one.,we should go look out for an another…

I don’t know what made me to write this thing.But I just felt that we need to learn a lot from this movie – about the fragile relations,about the essence of love and about us – the spirit of human beings to accomplish such impossible tasks…

I thank Pixar for providing such touching movies to this generation and I am eager to start my next article,on another Pixar movie,and hope to complete my trilogy on animation with a positive note…

Up above the world so high...
Up above the world so high…

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