A piece of imagination or a scary truth..?

Yesterday I watched my favorite animation movie of all time – ‘WALL-E’.Though I thoroughly enjoyed the movie,something kept on troubling me all along that day.It was the opening scene of the movie – Our Earth being turned into a giant trash bin and was completely deserted with no animal or plant life.It is a good imagination – a great concept – but,is it also a scary truth?

Well.,its not just a fantasy or just a piece of thought from Andrew Stanton-the director of the movie.It is a crystal clear fact that we are unable to observe in our busy lifestyle.

The most exquisite thing in this vast universe – the blue planet – our Earth,will soon turn into a giant junkyard.Does it hurt – a bit.

Now just close your eyes and imagine yourself in such an environment with no green,no fresh air,no water,with all the Uvs and global warmings…How would it be?well,unfortunately it is the same environment that our future generation is going to live.Does that hurt – a lot.

The real future..?
The real future..?

It is our responsibility to provide a great culture for our next generations.It is our duty to leave these natural resources behind for our future beings.They have every right on these resources.

It is our personal actions that decide the fate of our future generations,not some alien invasions or massive asteroid collisions…

It is our attitude that needs to be changed.”Live and let live” should be our motto to protect these natural resources,plants,animals and never-the-less ‘our self’ from being extinct.

Finally,in the climax of the movie,it was a human(ship captain) who fought against all the odds to turn off a faulty program.It was his will to save the humankind that made him victorious.

Now,if a virtual animation character proved his determination.Why can’t we?





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