I love you forever, and I am coming back…!

“I need to fix this before I go.”

You have to talk to me. So, don’t tell me no.

I need to exist – I can’t be their ghost,

I have to go, because I love you the most.

You have a strong heart – Don’t let it crack,

I love you forever, and I am coming back…!


No time or space can separate us,

But you know gravity and what it does.

Out there, time is gonna run more slow,

But I’ll do all I can to keep my vow.

This is not a goodbye – don’t see this in that track,

I love you forever, and I am coming back…!


I know what you mean – but I just can’t S.T.A.Y,

Because ‘they’ did choose me – This is the only way.

I may be travelling miles away – thousand or lakh,

But that will not stop me from seeing you back.

Because it is your love that I am going to pack.

I love you forever, and I am coming back…!


I love you forever, and I am coming back…!
I love you forever, and I am coming back…!

NASA deemed to make ‘Interstellar’ sci-fi into reality with the Cryosleep…


“We must reach far beyond than our own lifespans…”

This is the principal theory of the much awaited Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi movie, ‘Interstellar’, which anticipates to find a way for our existence in deep space… Interestingly, it seems that NASA has taken this concept of ‘reaching far beyond’ a bit more literally, as for the first time an endorsed statement came from the officials that NASA is planning for a Manned ‘Mission to Mars’ via Cryosleep

During this year’s ‘International Astronomical Congress’, which took place from Sept 29th to Oct 3rd in Toronto, NASA teamed up with ‘Spaceworks’, an Atlanta based aerospace company, that is investigating procedures for putting space crews into hibernation. But this doesn’t mean that the entire crew will be snoozing in their capsules, when the whole world are keeping their trust on them as atleast one crew member will be awake at a time for two to three days before going back into stasis for 14 days.

Cryosleep, which can also be referred as ‘Cryostasis’ is a process by which the person is brought into sleep and thus slowing the life processes by exogenous or endogenous means… This technology is different from that of the Cryopreservation, which can only be legally performed on humans after they have been pronounced dead.

Therapeutic torpors will be used to reduce the body metabolism and temperatures, which naturally happens during hypothermia. During the mission, the torpor would be induced via a ‘Rhinochill’ – a device that uses invasive tubes to shoot cooling liquid up the nose and into the base of the brain.

The upcoming Sci-Fi movie, Interstellar greatly reflects this concept of Cryosleep, where the crew is made to hibernate in cryo capsules, which keep them alive for the journey to the other end of the space and thus to save the humanity from extinction… Cryosleep is not such a new concept for the movie enthusiasts as many major films counting Avatar, Aliens and 2001: A Space Odyssey have already depicted it.

Though the Mission to Mars comprises around ‘180 days of Space travel’ and carries no direct comparison with the ‘Interstellar travelling’, visionaries say that Cryostasis is not just the solution for keeping the cosmonauts alive for longer periods, but it may also reduce the total expenses of the cruise as there will be a drastic reduction in the size of the spaceships, there won’t be need for food, oxygen and other equipment to keep the crew occupied throughout the voyage as most of the time they will be in deep stasis…

Now how do you think ‘Captain America’ survived years together without having his daily diet…?

Avatar cryosleep #NASA

ALaS…! It’s Ice Bucket and Selfie again…

Earlier when Facebook was at its peak, predicting the news-feed was not such an easy task. Every time we login to our account, we would definitely find something meaningful that would make us Awe

There used to be beautiful photographs taken by Hubble Telescope or some extremely funny cartoons or the facts you couldn’t even think of (like 2+2=5 !) or your friend posing along some random celebrity… Facebook was fun to watch out, especially when you desperately needed a power-break during your office hours or when you got stuck in some ‘I-don’t-know-what-Iam-doing-here’ kind of a marriage…

Then slowly our feeds started to change and so did our expressions – from Awe to OMG… The beautiful photographs were no longer treated as the sensation-of-the-day as the then facebookers demanded x-factor in your posts. And moreover, most of the photos were been replaced by videos, which used to cover vast areas of topics like – How a mere shampoo can cause a skin cancer (in HD) or How mermaids were found in so-and-so sea shore (P.S – Any resemblance with a previous movie characters is purely coincidental…!) or How would an Alien order a cup of cappuccino when they would visit the Earth (in English subtitles) – Simply no mere respect for ‘Faint-Hearts’…

And then came the present era with feeds piling up mainly because of three things – Selfies, Ice Bucket Challenge and Selfies (Ops! Did I mention Selfies earlier? Selfies-selfies-selfies…). With the front cameras constantly improving their efficiency, the selfie lovers are enjoying both the technology as well as the comments they are getting… So if there is one thing that can divert me from this ‘Selfie-Mania’, then the celestial answer would be ALaS ! – I mean the ALS-Ice Bucket Challenge…

If getting doused by a bucket full of ice water is giving you a ‘cool’ look in Facebook (I mean literally cool), how come it is helpful for promoting ‘Aquatrophic Linear Sclerosis’ – ALS. And if at all the Ice Bucket Challenge is really about spreading awareness about ALS, then I must say that with the given popularity the ALS-IBC is getting in the social media, everyone who are reading this post must identify that ALS ‘actually’ means “ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” – No offence there…

So, travelling via ‘Awe – OMG – ALaS’ highway, our journey finally came to where we are at ‘present’. But unless there is some alien computer virus which can shut down all the computer grids simultaneously, I don’t believe that Facebook is not having the any future (Although the future may not be that bright). So, the question of the hour is how would that future be..? After ‘Awe-OMG-ALaS’, where would our journey in Facebook lead to…?

Well, only time will tell us…

So the best thing we can do right now is to take few Selfies and challenge our friends (or the else) for ALS-IBC because, if there is one thing about this generation – Everything becomes Old-fashioned in the blink of an eye. So let’s put all the sane and sensible feelings aside and let’s enjoy the present trend before its too late…

Well..That was cool...
Well..That was cool…

Digitalization of Friendship…!


“ An individual can have anything that a life can offer – career, family and money – but if a person didn’t have a good friend, his or her life would be fundamentally lacking…”

– Aristotle

Friendship is one of the purest relations on this Earth and its origin states back to the beginning of the human civilization or even earlier…Friendship allows us to see ourselves from the perspective of others. They open up new interests and deepen the current ones. Human beings are social beings and hence good friendship always makes our life a wholesome and awesome experience…

Things change rapidly with respect to time… And it is that constant evolution of the world around us that keeps our life interesting and exciting… But there are certain things that shouldn’t be disturbed or rather changed. Sometimes, we run with such a speed that we tend to forget our actual destination – if there is one such thing present…

On this friendship day, I just want to question myself – Are we ready for this digitalisation of friendship? Does this lightning speed communication actually help us to gain more friends? Do the next generation feel themselves more connected or more alone…?

Well, according to many researchers, Social media is affecting the teen’s concept of friendship. Young people feel themselves socially supported by having a large network of online friends, whom they may never see… The ease of electronic communication may be making teens less interested in face-to-face communication with their friends. Instead many young people now derive personal support and affirmation form the ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ to their postings…

But this doesn’t mean that we should all stop social networking…Digital communication is not a bad thing. But if we are losing the opportunity to meet with our friends and talk with them face-to-face; Now that’s a problem…

Too much of anything is not good and this applies for the communication as well. So I think it would be wise to atleast take a break from our Cyber-World and spend some time in our bookstore, where you can buy your favourite book to your friend…Now that’s a positive example you can give to the next generation on this friendship day.

digitalization of friendship
Digitalization of Friendship…!





Today’s Oppression…

              Today, all of us do, by our presence here . . . confer glory and hope to new-born liberty. Out of the experience of an extraordinary human disaster that lasted too long, must be born a society of which all humanity will be proud.

             We have, at last, achieved our political emancipation. We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender, and other discrimination.

             Never, never, and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another. . . . The sun shall never set on so glorious human achievement. Let freedom reign. God bless Africa! ”

Extracted from Nelson Mandela’s auto biography – Long walk to freedom.

These words are spoken by Nelson Mandela himself on May 10 – 1994, when he officially addressed the people of his country as the first black president of the South Africa. His speech reflects the subjugation that his people went through in the past few decades. And after years and years of struggle with strong sprits – they finally got their freedom.

On this Mandela week, let us once again go through the words form his historical speech.

Never again shall it be that this ‘beautiful land’ will again experience the oppression of one by another. . .

And here, I am regarding the word ‘beautiful land’ to my country – India.

Are we free form all kinds of oppression that the people might face…?

No. And this oppression doesn’t depend on the colour of the skin. Rather it depends on price-tag of the clothes that we wear on it…

The Poor were always considered as the burden for the country’s development. Things never got improved for them as they would have wanted. With the prices of the basic commodities sky-rocketing, it has become highly difficult for them to lead at least a normal life. And to worsen their present condition, education for their children has become very challenging…

With private schools mushrooming with “high-profile fee structure” and on the other hand with government schools losing their standards to meet the educational demands, the situation of the deprived is unimaginable.

We all agree that education is the only thing that can bring them respect – socially and financially. And if we are taking away this opportunity form them, then isn’t it a serious oppression they are facing today…?

May be the time has arisen to speak on this subject on a greater platform. I always wondered why the government schools can’t even function with basic facilities, whereas the government universities like IIT’s and other regional universities outshine the private ones…

Is it because the government think that schooling is not-that-important or they think it’s not worth investing…?

Schooling is the most lovable thing in our childhood and the most defining thing in our life. It’s not necessary that every one of us should find his living based on his educational qualification but that can’t rule out the importance of value education.

The government should look at the gravity of this situation and should make sure that irrespective of the price-tag, all the children will be having an ideal Launchpad to take off for their careers…

The decade “ 2005 – 2014 ” is known as United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Let us atleast respect that and take some measures for our sustainable “development”…


The sun shall never set on so glorious human achievement. Let freedom reign…


Madiba for Africa…

I was born free – like a tree,

And lived the childhood with so glee.

But it was when I was brought to the knee,

I couldn’t believe what I did see – I wasn’t free…!


It was then I was judged by skin.

It was when this humanity made a sin.

It was then we fought so long.

It was when they rand this apartheid song – It was wrong…!


Inspite of being the prisoners in Robben Islands,

We neither quit our fight – nor did we raise our hands.

After years and years, our vision has come to light,

When this nation had both Black and White – With equal right


And now it’s time to change this forever.

So that this apartheism can be heard for never…

So this is my story – I am Madiba.

Let’s strive for our glory – together for Africa…!



Not-so-Despicable Me…!

I am not Mr.Despicable,
There is so much inside me.
I am not always contemptible,
There is so much beneath to see…

It’s not just stealing the moon,
Or having a super-gadget car.
It’s all gonna end very soon.
I had enough of this so far…

Being a villain is such a bore.
Now I better try something new…
I am actually tired of being sour,
So it’s time to be Mr.Daddy Gru

Now I am gonna look after my girls,
Cheer them when they dance and play.
Joining them with my fellow Minions,
Now that’s what I call a day…!

I am Not-so-Despicable...!
I am Not-so-Despicable…!

C.I.A – Children In Action

Oh boy., little boy,

You are so lucky.

Till your life becomes

Very much tricky…!


You are the representative for the nation’s glory,

You are the hero of your own story…

You can do as you like whatever you want,

Whatever your heart says, but we really can’t…

These things for you may be really small,

But at our age, you will not get them at all…

Because you are the only one who can do it well,

While our lives are cutting out in front of DELL…!


Oh boy., little boy,

You are so lucky.

Till your life becomes

Very much tricky…!

C.I.A - Children In Action...!
C.I.A – Children In Action…!

Cricketing god – We miss you a lot…!

Here comes Sachin – for one final day,

His career has been a legend – all the way…

Now that we have come to watch his play,

“All the best master “, that’s all we say…


Here comes Sachin – taking the crease,

and opens his account with lot-of-ease…

Cut or cover-drive – you name a task,

and watch the beauty of his ‘elegant class’…


Here leaves sachin – with a gentle smile,

Entertaining the cricketing fans for quite a while…

Now that his talent is quite-a-boon,

Let’s see him as a ‘coach’ – very soon…!


Yes – I am a birthday cake…!

Every year I come home,

Along with balloons and foam.

Tonight, I am gonna serve my life.,

A special guy would pierce me with a knife..

Yes – I am a birthday cake,

And I take that knife for his sake…


His face was glowing in the dim candle light,

That’s the most beautiful sight,all that night..

Now,he blew the candles and made a wish.,

And finally I gave him a farewell kiss…

Yes – I am a birthday cake,

And that’s the best moment since my bake…


And now, I wait for the next year.,

For my growing dear.,

Yes – I am a birthday cake…